IRS Employment Tax Campaign Yields Business Owner Indictments and Other Enforcement Action

The IRS recently announced the results of a national campaign to thwart employment tax crimes and serious noncompliance.  As part of this campaign, the IRS:

  • Made “visits” to 100 noncompliant businesses;
  • Indicted 12 business owners and executives; and
  • Executed several search warrants.

Additional criminal and civil enforcement action is planned in the coming weeks.

Employers should ensure that they comply with all employment tax obligations.  If businesses are unable to meet their current obligations or cure prior noncompliance, then they should seek assistance from a tax professional with experience resolving employment tax problems.

Stephen J. Pieklik of the Pittsburgh law firm Williams Coulson focuses his practice on tax controversies, including employment tax noncompliance matters.  He has represented many clients with employment tax issues, including both civil and criminal enforcement matters.  You may contact Stephen J. Pieklik at 412-454-0229 or at




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