Pennsylvania Hires Wong Fleming Law Firm to Pursue Out-of-State Taxpayers

In an extraordinary effort to collect from out-of-state taxpayers, the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury has hired an outside law firm, Wong Fleming, to help enforce Pennsylvania tax liens against taxpayers residing in other jurisdictions.

Why is this important?  Historically, Pennsylvania’s tax collectors did little other than file a tax lien against delinquent out-of-state taxpayers.  However, likely as the result of a favorable decision in Wirth v. Pennsylvania, which affects hundreds of out-of-state taxpayers who owned an interest in the US Steel Building in Pittsburgh, the Department is going on the offensive.

Out-of-state taxpayers should not ignore notices.  The United States Constitution provides that other states will be generally required to enforce a Pennsylvania judgment.  For this reason, it is important that out-of-state taxpayers do not disregard any notices they receive from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue or Wong Fleming.  Out-of-state taxpayers should seek immediate legal help.

Williams Coulson can help.  The attorneys at the Pittsburgh law firm Williams Coulson regularly represent clients in Pennsylvania tax matters, both in administrative appeals and in court.  Should you have questions about correspondence you received from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue or the Wong Fleming law firm, you may contact Stephen J. Pieklik or James Buldas at 412-454-0200 or or